This virtual Community, located in Linking Health Professionals (LHP), is intended to provide a networking forum for women clinicians who treat cancer patients, to provide resources for development of leadership skills in female oncologists, and to provide a forum for research collaboration and career mentorship amongst clinicians.

The following are instructions to help you begin to navigate the newly created Oncology Research Networking Forum. Save this file or print this off as a handy desk reference.

My Community - Description of Functions

This community is private, for invited members only.

  1. Discussion Topics and Threads (ALL MEMBERS)
    "Discussion Threads" are topics that are of interest to community members. Join the dialogue. Is a topic missing? Start a Discussion! Keep your messages in the thread that is most relevant so that other members find it easy to follow. If you are starting a new topic, create a new thread.

    Alerts will be sent to community members’ SMH email addresses to let them know that there has been some new discussion in the forum.

  2. Postings (ALL MEMBERS)
    Announcements about upcoming conferences, new resources and much more will be posted here. This will serve as a real-time news space for our community members and updates about the Oncology Research Rounds schedule.
  3. Repository (ALL MEMBERS)
    As we develop reports or resources, we can post them here for easy access.
  4. Wiki (Not yet activated)
  5. LinkingHealthProfessionals Email (ALL MEMBERS)
    You can send and receive messages within your LinkingHealthProfessionals email box. You can respond to a message, for example, that a colleague posted, via a private email. A notification will be sent to the email address that was used to register for LinkingHealthProfessionals. Did you get a “Private Message” alert in your email. Click on the link contained with the email and you will be taken directly to your LinkingHealthProfessionals Inbox.
  6. Members Profile Search (ALL MEMBERS)
    You can complete your profile to add information about your research interests, or search for other members. Click on “Members” to see who else is a part of this community.

Please see our How To Guide for useful tips.

Please see a brief guide on What to do after you’ve joined the WinC Online Community.

This system is not to be used for sharing any patient/research participant specific information or other confidential information.
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