Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing Service Request Form

This form is to be used by Bloomberg Faculty Students (and alumni) requesting any one, or more, of the items or services itemized in the fees list below.

Fees Regular price
CAD 36
CAD 12
CAD 15
CAD 25
CAD 10
CAD 25
CAD 130
CAD 400

+ A completed form (Request for Confirmation Letters or Forms) must be submitted to Student Services after the fee payment has been made. Further instructions can be found on the form.  There is no fee for a simple confirmation letter for current students.

++ For these items, contact the Faculty office ( before requesting the service item, unless you were directed to this site to make the payment

+++ For these items, forward a copy of the email receipt to the Global Affairs Assistant ( once the payment has been made.

You must remit payment in advance of receiving the item/service. 

Please bring a copy of the receipt to the office (155 College St., Room 130) as evidence of payment.

Payment can ONLY be made by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).  Cash will not be accepted.


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Personal Information

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The email address will be used for order confirmation and receipt and to access the system after payment (review receipt).
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Bloomberg Faculty Service Request Form: 
All fees on this form are collected following approval by the University of Toronto.  Approved fees are listed on the institutional ancillary fee schedules published, on the Vice-Provost, Planning and Budget web pages (
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