Welcome to the FirstReceivers Community of Practice login page. This site is managed by CEEP, the Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness. If you are trying to log in to CEEP and have been re-directed to the login page for the Community of Practice it is because the previous CEEP website is being upgraded. You will soon be able to access it from the FirstReceivers.ca portal. If you are already a CEEP member please sign in, if not please register.

Within LinkHealthPro you will be able to:

  • Register with the FirstReceivers Community of Practice
  • Keep up to date on publications and news items as they relate to emergency preparedness
  • Collaborate and connect with like-minded healthcare professionals
  • Download documents and files
  • Post notices and items of interest
  • Keep apprised of important events
  • and much more

Please note that LinkHealthPro is an addition to the CEEP website. The tools available on the CEEP website (www.ceep.ca) will remain there and all documents on LinkHealthPro will also be available on the CEEP website for those visitors who do not wish to become members. The discussion forums and the ability to collaborate on document development will, however, only be available to registered members.

Please, contact us if you have questions admin@ceep.ca

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